EdComs Teachers is committed to supporting accessibility standards on the net and have included a number of assistive features to help the widest number of users.

If you are experiencing any problems using the site, please contact us at info@edcomsteachers.com

Web standards

Pages comply with most priority 1 (A) and 2 (AA) guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Initiative. Where possible and relevant, attempts have also been made to comply with priority 3 (AAA) guidelines.

Screen reader access

Screen readers are web accessibility software programs, often used by people with visual impairments to read web pages aloud. The EdComs teachers website contains several features to support their usage including Skip links and Access keys.

The first link on the page is a hidden link that allows screen reader users to skip directly to the main content of the page. There is another hidden link at the end of the content of every page that allows users to jump back to the navigation.

Access keys

Access keys can be used as quick-links to key areas of the site by making use of a combination of keys:

Access keySection
A Home
B Join Us
C Current Opportunities
D Resource Library
E Blog
G About Us
H Contact Us
I Terms and Conditions
J Accessibility (this page)
K Privacy Policy

Apple Macintosh users

Macintosh users should press the Ctrl key in combination with the relevant access key.

Under Mac OS X 10, access keys are not supported by OmniWeb 4 or versions of Safari before 1.3.

Microsoft Windows users

Press the Alt key in combination with the relevant access key.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6, press Alt and the relevant letter, then press the Enter key.

If you are using Mozilla then press Alt and the relevant letter at the same time.