Free tickets for EdComs Teachers to Digital Summer Camp

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This summer, Tech City, home to over 1,340 tech companies hacking, building and making cutting-edge digital products and innovations is to host a Digital Summer Camp, especially for students aged 9-18.

From 10th to 12th July 2013, Hackney Community College in Tech City, East London will open its doors to up to 3,000 students and give them the chance to learn from the world's best programmers and digital experts.

Free tickets for EdComs Teachers
All schools are eligible to apply. Tickets are £10, reduced to £5 currently in an early bird deal, but we have also secured up to 30 tickets per school available free to EdComs Teachers - just enter the promo code Edcoms when you select the number of tickets. All tickets will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. 

An essential blend of STEM and the creative arts
While Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) underpin this event, it also offers great opportunities for those interested in the creative and digital arts such as digital video, audio and design as well as coding and computing / computer science. It's an event to generate interest and ignite passion in those of all levels of experience and backgrounds, from the aspiring technology entrepreneur to the bedroom coder or the enthusiastic participant. There will also be advice for routes to careers, apprenticeships and entrepreneurship and much more of relevance to pupils and young people. 

Digital summer camp: what's on offer
The programme is still being finalised as more and more companies and experts get on board. All participants will be sent a schedule of workshops in advance to plan their day.

Aspiring digital natives will be given the opportunity to:

- take part in hands-on workshops from dozens of participating businesses and experts
- learn how to code
- build their own computer game
- design the next flash or HTML5 web sensation
- create an app with the potential to storm the charts
- film the next hit viral video,
- learn how to use a 3D printer
- programme a robot to jam to their own digital dance track.  

To find out more about the Digital Summer Camp, read the information for educators here.

Supporters include the Mayor of London
A large number of organisations big and small are supporting this event, from Pearson and BCS to Pora Ora and Show My Homework. Mayor of London Boris Johnson is behind it, saying "The Digital Summer Camp will provide a great launch-pad for the technology leaders of the future, helping them to enhance the competitive edge of London's Tech City and building its reputation as a place where local talent can thrive"

Event organiser and Techmix director, Edward Baker, says: "My vision is to create a digital playground to which every school is invited. If Britain is to gain long-term economic stability, it is essential that our schools start producing a digitally skilled workforce. The UK digital economy is growing 2% faster than any other sector. To support this growth, we need to develop digital talent, but we must also enable educators, helping them to understand the new technology landscape."

We strongly recommend you sign up now - and don't forget to put the code Edcoms in to secure your free tickets to the Digital Summer Camp.

Let us know if you're planning on going. We'll be there!