EdComs Teachers October survey results

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In our October 2014 survey we asked for your views on "character education" and preparing students for the world of work. Over 100 of you responded and this what you had to say... 


When asked which of the above attributes were most important for a young person's future success the three highest ranked attributes were:

Top 3 Attributes

We then asked you how difficult you find teaching these attributes. It seems that, with the exception of 'ability to collaborate', you find teaching most of these characteristics difficult. 

 Attributes Ease Of Teaching

Over half of you said that, overall, the education system does not prepare young people for the world of work well. Furthermore, around 50% said that the new 2014 curriculum does not well prepare young people for life in modern Britain.

Although the vast majotrity of you think that, as a teacher, you are influential in helpiing young people acquire employability skills and attibutes, you aren't always sure what employers require. From a list of over 30 different attributes, you were asked to select the most important skills/attributes that you feel employers most look for in young people. Responses were mixed, spread across a number of different options, which suggests that either you do not always know what specific skills and characteristics it is that employers are looking for or that employers do not always communicate this clearly.

Employers Graph

Responses to the survey also suggest that you believe the curriculum is too focused on academia.

We asked you if the education system has the right balance between character building and academic results. Over three quarters of you believe that the current focus is on academia:

Character Vs Academia

However, when asked where you would like the focus of the education system to be, the result was more balanced, albeit slightly swung in favour of a focus on character. Just over two thirds of you think there should be more of an even focus on character and academia.

Character Vs Academia Want

One business helping schools in this area is Tesco. Earlier this month they launched the Tesco Youth Academy, a free programme for 14 to 21 year olds which helps young people develop key soft skills through interactive workshops and online learning. The programme covers transferrable skills such as teamwork, confidence, communication, motivation and problem solving.  You can read more about the programme here. To access the free workshop materials and online activities, please visit: http://www.tescoyouthacademy.co.uk/