Where's the Science in that? The Park

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Where's the Science in that? is a new concept from BP aiming to place everyday science topics in real life settings. Amazing science is all around us, every day, and Where's the Science in that? hopes to bring science topics to life for young people to illustrate that science is not just something for scientists in a lab.

The first resource in this series is Where's the Science in that? The Park; an exciting new resource for pupils aged 9 to 11, covering upper KS2 and CfE second level topics, that puts science into a real-life context using an interactive everyday setting. Created especially for the new curriculum, the resource has been tested with teachers and fully supports both the new and old science curricula for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils in England, whilst still being entirely appropriate for pupils aged 9 - 11 in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Pupils can explore a panoramic image of a park to see key curriculum topics brought to life in a familiar environment. Each topic is accompanied by a short video in which a young presenter encourages pupils to find out more, asking open-ended questions to stimulate higher-order thinking skills. The videos also offer challenges for pupils to complete or discussion points for small groups or whole class. These are supported by teachers' notes with guidance to completing activities or experiments or leading discussion.

Where's the Science in that? The Park can be used by the teacher with the whole class. It also lends itself to use by pupils working on individual computers, laptops or tablets, on their own or in small groups. 

You can find Where's the Science in that? The Park in our resource library or it can be accessed from the BP Educational Service (BPES) website at: http://bpes.bp.com/collection/wheres-the-science-in-that-the-park

Please note that to use this resource you will be asked to register on the BPES website - it's free and takes only a few moments.

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