Secondary First Aid Education survey results

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In a recent survey we asked secondary teachers for their views on delivering first aid education. Here's what you had to say... 


  • Just under a third of the secondary teachers responding to the survey said that their school currently teaches first aid.
  • However, of those not currently teaching first aid, the vast majority thought their school would be interested in teaching it in the future.

Respondents at schools which currently teach first aid were asked who in the school is reponsible for its delivery. As you can see, most schools use an outsider provider, followed by class and PE teachers. A quarter said that their school nurse delivers first aid education.

First Aid Responsible

We then asked these teachers where in the curriculum or timetable first aid is taught. Over half said it is in PSHE lessons. The next highest response was in standalone first aid courses and just over a third said that first aid is taught through the school Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

First Aid Taught

The vast majority said they would describe the knowledge of those delivering first aid education in their school as good or very good. Around three quarters responded that the confidence of those delivering first aid was also good or very good.

All respondents were asked how they would prefer to assess the progress of their students, if delivering first aid education in school. The most popular responses were outside provider assessment, followed by students role playing / acting out different scenarios and online quizzes / games.

First Aid Assessment

When asked what types of resources / materials would be most helpful in delivering first aid education effectively, the top three responses were films for young people demonstrating first aid techniques, downloadable lesson plans and online quizzes to test students' knowledge. 

First Aid Resources