"The Substitute Teacher" by Harriet Knight

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The demands of teaching are such that it is often easier to go to work ill than to call in sick. What with the planning involved and the pile of marking left to welcome you back, many teachers just don’t do it!

The only part that is slightly pleasurable for a teacher, who is so near the grave they are forced to take a sick day, is the thought of someone else having to control their class. You know, the class who made them ill in the first place.

The class people constantly comment on: “Yes, they’re a challenge, but isn’t it so rewarding that Timmy is now sitting still?”

The thought of someone else looking after your little beasties is made even better with a steaming hot cup of Lemsip* imagining them being taught by someone out of a Roald Dahl book, the Trunchbull perhaps? Maybe after a day or two of being taught by a witch the children would come to appreciate how amazing you really are, and the enormous effort you apply to just getting through the day may just be recognised with a, “Thanks Miss!”

It was on a sick day that I wrote The Substitute Teacher. The book is currently on promotion on Amazon to download for free from the 20th to 24th November 2016.


Harriet is a practicisng teacher and author and sites the pupils in her class as her biggest assets. Follow her on Twitter @missksadventure.