“What a Dump” – Sustainability by Suzanne Gray

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1.Nearly one third of all food produced ends up in Landfill. 

2.As it decomposes it gives off methane gas adding to Green House Gas emissions- looks unsightly too!

Home composting benefits the earth as you return goodness to the soil. All you need is non protein food waste (fruits and vegetables,not meats and fish) and worms in the ground– they do the hard work and produce nutrient rich soil and liquid fertiliser by breaking down the waste naturally.

Food waste can also be reduced by using left over food to make other dishes e.g. mashed potato to make croquettes for another day.

The amount of food waste can be reduced by wise shopping and planning ahead; FIFO(First In First Out) storage; only preparing what we need; using before it goes out of date.

You are part of the School’s Eco Warrior team. You have been asked to look at how the school can reduce the amount of food waste that is being taken to the dump from the dustbins by at least 75%. You will need to look at the school kitchens; the Food teaching areas and the rubbish bins around the playground. Produce a plan so that all of these areas are more efficient and have less dumped waste.

You will also need to look at the storage of food in these areas and the production of a set of Eco rules for the school to abide by. 

Your report will be to advise the Headteacher and staff on how to help the school waste less and be more efficient. Your report can be in the form of a powerpoint, or a letter, advert, newspaper article for school newspaper.

Draw up plans for a new food recycling area like the one in the picture below. This was seen in a motorway service area.

 What a dump

Don’t forget people will need to have clear instructions on how to make this work.

Produce a cartoon strip ( or a PowerPoint if you have access to a PC) to show at an assemble to train the students so that they know how they can take part and make a difference too. 

Suzanne is a Senior Associate at the Food Teachers Centre.