Sardinia For The Soul

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Most of my travel adventures are inspired by food. I am not ashamed to admit that I have travelled to New York just to eat donuts at Dough, if you haven’t done that, go. Then there’s the time I was fascinated by roof top bars. Before I knew it, I was on route to Bangkok.

Twelve hours later I was on top of the city taking in its darkly lit skyline bathing in a cool breeze whilst sipping an amaretto with lemon juice at the Vertigo bar Banyan Tree, listening to Koffi’s stories about his travels through Sri Lanka. Koffi did not inspire my travel to Sardinia, Italy or discuss the incredible seafood and pasta   I would be eating 7 months later.

Sardinia, Porto Cervo, Olbia to be specific was introduced to me by Val, an elderly American woman who reminded me of and looked like Baddie Winkle. If you are not sure who Ms Winkle is, ask Dr Google. Val was travelling to Chang Mai from Texas with her new husband.  And yes I did follow my palate to Chang Mai after our conversation that night but that’s a story for another time.

I could write a book about my love for Sardinia it but I am certain it has been done many times, so I will just tell you about my highlight and must see. My mission in there was to find Cala Goloritze a must for your bucket list.  I won’t say much other than it is probably the most unique beach you will see in a lifetime.  As beautiful as it is, for me my trip to Arzachena on route to the airport beat Cala Goloritze.  A friend suggested that we visit Spiaggia del Principe beach in Arzachena. First of all it was tricky to get to as you drive through manicured residential properties before arriving at a lost car park surrounded by greenery.  The car park and residential area give nothing away. Once parked, we enjoyed our fresh octopus salad. We learnt from our previous visit to Cala Goloritze that it’s best to eat something and or bring some food with you when exploring corners of Sardinia.

Cala Goloritze

It all started with a twenty minute walk through narrow curvy pathways mapped by dry and fresh wild bushes. At the time it was difficult to see how this was going to lead to something beautiful. The long hike to get to the beach was challenging at moments, but as you looked out and saw the views of where we were headed the challenge paled in comparison. Arriving at Spiaggia del Principe was truly the perfect ending to our trip.  We arrived on what I can only describe as heaven on earth.

The beach was enclosed by the wild lush greens and bushes with complex pathways that we had walked through whilst the other side stood still like a picture of an infinite clear blue sea reaching out to the horizon. If you ever needed to feel at peace or to disappear or see the gentlest of waves this is the place.  Warm fine soft white sand was beautiful to lay on, and provided a contrast to the harsh bushes we had to navigate to get to the beach where the water was gently rushing to the shore. On some parts crashing into small hills on the way to the shoreline which provided evidence of Costa Esmeralda’s archaeological ruins.

I love Spiaggia del Principe it left me feeling refreshed, grateful and proud of myself for being inspired by and letting my appetite lead me around the world without my love of food, perhaps I would never have discovered this beautiful place. On that note, what inspires you to travel?