It’s Different for Boys!

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In March Childline launched a new campaign called ‘Tough to Talk’, backed by Wayne Rooney. The aim is to encourage boys to seek help for issues and problems. In 2015/16, Childline provided six times more counselling sessions about suicidal thoughts and feelings to girls than for boys. But the suicide rate for 10–19 year-old boys was 4.4 that year, almost 2.5 times that for girls.

"KS1 Comprehension Skills Break Down Cover" by Jenny Godfrey

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I don’t know about you, but I have always found that children struggle to answer questions in comprehensions properly and correctly. Sometimes they don’t know how to start finding the answers or what kind of answers they are looking for. With the new curriculum putting more and more emphasis on comprehension, a lot of schools have been asked to include one comprehension lesson a week.

"Classroom SOS!" by Evelyn Burke

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As it rolls around to this time of year, it certainly seems to be the case that our souls need to be saved from the classroom! The countdown is well and truly on until the Christmas holidays. Personally, I am finding it a slog at the moment with extra-curricular things that are going on around the school, as well as data that needs to be collated and logged and observations taking place…but the end is in sight! We will get there!
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