We have launched an education programme and would like your help to evaluate it for £250

The programme is free for secondary schools and focuses on giving students a voice - highlighting how their views matter, and how encouraging Census completions in their communities is one way in which they can make a difference

The programme includes lots of different Inspiring whole-school and lesson content, film, a competition and face-to-face (or virtual) activities linking to a range of curriculum subjects such as PSHE, Maths and Geography.

The research process is very simple. We would like yourselves, some students and their parents to complete a short 5 minute digital survey. There would be one survey to complete before Christmas and the other in the Spring term. The survey is around the perceptions and experiences of the census, as well as the impact of the programme. 

Parents would also be entered into a prize draw for £200 (£200 for 3 parents)

Whilst your school would ideally already be taking part in the programme to take part, you can also sign-up to the programme to take part in the research. 

Please reply to this email with this email if you are interested, along with your school location and the estimated % of pupil premium in your school. 



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