EdComs is creating a sustainability and recycling programme to provide schools, teachers and their students with simple facts, tips and tools to make empowered decisions about their use of natural resources, be it at school, at home or in their community. 

We are looking for primary and secondary teachers to help us shape and develop these resources. 

After an introductory assembly, pupils work through four workshop sessions to develop an action plan of how to implement change in their school.

You will be reviewing a synopsis of the content for the assembly and workshop sessions. We would like teachers to review content for relevance, engagement and appeal for their pupils.

We estimate that reviewing will take around half an hour to complete. You will be reimbursed £20 for your time at the end of the project.

We will provide all the materials for you to review as well as templates for your feedback.

Please register your interest by Sunday 22nd November COP.

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