We are looking for 2 secondary school teachers who teach KS3 and KS4 to review the synopsis and typescript for 3 lessons based on the themes of racism and allyship, stereotypes and online bullying.

We very much welcome black teachers and teachers with an interest and experience in integrating Black history into the curriculum to take part in this review.

We are working with teachers to develop anti-racism resources.

The resource aims to educate young people and to bring these topics about racism, stereotypes and online racism to the forefront of discussion. 

We are developing anti-racism resources for delivery to young people as part of two programmes: Premier League Kicks and Premier League Inspires. 

Premier League Kicks uses the power of football to connect with young people in some of the most high-need areas of the UK.

The youth outreach programme began ten years ago, with the aim to create safer, stronger and more respectful communities through the development of young people’s potential, whilst providing access to facilities, coaching and mentoring. 

Premier League Inspiresuse the appeal of the Premier League and professional football clubs to support young people who are marginalised or at risk of not reaching their potential; supporting them as they move through the education system and early adulthood.

Both programmes are delivered to young people, often in small groups, by football club community staff. It is important to know that they will likely not be experts in delivering this content, and may not have any lived experience of the topics - although their young participants have. 

The resource will be sent for you review this evening (26th October) and we would like your feedback by midday 28th October

This will be a two-stage reviewal process.
First stage – synopsis/ outline of resource.
Second stage – typescript.

Fee for this is £35

There will also be opportunities to review related content in the future, so when you send your feedback, let us know if you’d like us to contact you again for the next stage.



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