This year BPES is developing a suite of free curriculum-linked whole-school primary science resources.

We are looking for teachers of Year 4 and 5 (age 8-10) pupils to help shape the development of free resources provided by the BP Educational Service.

The BP Educational Service (BPES) produces and distributes a range of free educational resource materials, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM).

As part of this offer we are making resources which explore the topic of Living things and their habitats for Year 4 and 5 pupils.

This review will involve reviewing two lessons of materials (one each for Years 4 and 5), each lesson includes short films and PDFs.

The review will be in two stages:

  • A synopsis of the proposed work, review 28 February – 3 March
  • First draft of the resources, review 15-20 March

We estimate the review will take 2 hours, as a thank you, you will receive £60 for your participation.

We will provide all the materials for you to review as well as templates for your feedback.

Please note: you will also be required to take part in a second stage of reviewing. This will involve a more comprehensive review of the whole-school offer. An additional £60 will be offered for this extra review. To be accepted you will need to be available for both parts of the review, dates TBC.

Please register your interest by 26th February.

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