We are looking for teachers involved in coaching or PE delivery, ideally for pupils aged 9-13 years. We are working with the NFL to develop a 6 and 12 week schools programme that will introduce kids (and their teachers!) to American football through non-contact 'Flag' football.

This unique programme will be delivered by experts during PE lessons, and supported by classroom teachers to help reinforce learning and get their pupils excited about what is likely an unfamilar sport.

We are producing resources both for the PE lesson and the classroom teachers.

The classroom resources will focus on the NFL's values (Respect, resilience, integrity and responsibility) and touch on health and wellbeing topics such as fitness, safety and healthy eating.

We'll be looking for feedback on the synopsis (general outline) as well as the typescript (the more developed content). The reviews will take place between now and the end of August.

We estimate that this work will take roughly 2-3 hours (including both the synopsis and typescript phases). We are offering £60 for your time.

All materials will be provided, along with a template for your feedback. 


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